+ Food & Beverage

Since the beginning of time, man has needed food and beverage to survive.  Manufacturers that are in the food and beverage space must rely on supplier to provide products that meet standards that have been put into place to protect the cleanliness of manufacturing practices and to prevent harm to the consumer who purchases their products.



The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not specifically approve rubber compounds.  The FDA Title 21, Part 177.2600 specifies rubber compound ingredients that are considered non-toxic / non-carcinogenic.  These compounds are often referred to as FDA White Listed Compounds.

+ 3A Sanitary

The organization known as 3-A Sanitary Standards, Inc. determines sanitary standards and acceptable practices for products used in the food and dairy industry.  A high level of sanitation is required for the process and package of consumable products to satisfy public health concerns.


It is just as it is important to maintain health and safety measures with drinking water systems.  This is where the NSF/ANSI Standard 61 comes into play.  NSF 61 sets limits on the amount of chemicals permitted to leach into drinking water from materials such as rubber.  These materials can be offered as sulfur cured or peroxide cured.  They are formulated to resist chloramines and are certified to meet the requirements of NSF 61.

Seals, Gaskets & O-rings

  • Standards – FDA – 3A Sanitary – NSF 61
  • Standard AS568B sizes, custom sizes, and metric sizes
  • Custom molded parts and shapes (Rubber, Plastic)
  • Sanitary Gaskets
  • Custom Seals


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