+ Energy, Oil & Gas

Packing Seals & Engineering offers the right seal for the energy, oil, and gas industry. We include categories such as oil & gas (exploration, refining, production and completion), solar, wind, hydro, coal & nuclear (power) under this industry umbrella.

Our products are used in control valves, drill heads, blowout preventers, reactors, couplings, regenerators, and dam trunnions.  These are just some of the applications found in this industry.
Compliant Materials
Need NORSOK, API, or ISO compliant materials?... we have you covered!  We have product offering that will work well with aggressive chemicals and/or temperatures to risk the breakdown of sour gases, carbon dioxide, solvents, acids, and corrosion inhibitors.  Need perfluoroelastomer materials, we have those too... including Parker Parofluor and HiFluor.

+ We understand the Sealing Environment of the Energy, Oil & Gas market:

• Aggressive chemicals, including H2S (sour gas and sour oil), hydrocarbon concentrated bases, amines, formates and polar solvents

  • High pressures to 50,000 psi
  • Elastomer temperatures to 608°F
  • Metal seal temperatures to 2,000°F
  • Tolerances to +/- .001 in.
  • Continuous exposure to sea water, steam, steam/oil mixes, petroleum oils, drilling mud, waves, wind, shock, vibration, abrasion, rapid decompression and rotary cycling
  • Production and drilling risers and valves, blowout preventives, wellhead equipment, mud pumps, tricone drilling bit seals, compressors and controls, just to name a few….

The equipment used in the energy, oil and gas industry is more reliable and highly engineered than ever before.  Our sealing products have our unique combination of experience and innovation built right in, and we’re able to supply them quickly and cost effectively to fit virtually any application through distributors such as Packing Seals & Engineering.

Product Offering

  • Explosive Decompression Resistant O-rings
  • Perfluorinated O-rings
  • Vee-Packing
  • Packer Elements
  • PTFE Seals
  • PTFE Fluid Power Seals
  • Custom Molded or Machined Parts
  • Mechanical Seals
  • Oil Seals
  • Spiral Wound Gaskets
  • Metal Seals
  • Spring Energized Seals

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Packing Seals & Engineering has provided sealing products and solutions since 1959. We realize that you have many options available for obtaining sealing products, but what matters most is that you find the right seal for YOUR needs. Why trust anyone else but the experts...

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