Whether for a consumer product in the home, or as a part of an industrial/military
application, PS&E is proud that it is a part of just about every facet of life. Our philosophy is
to enhance the quality of your life through providing quality parts.

You can find PS&E NSF grade components in water filtration products for drinking water and
pool systems.

PS&E provides Customer Brand, commercial equivalent and PS&E Brand components to
the automotive aftermarket, off-road and military spec. industries.

PS&E has expertise in electronics, providing molded rubber parts used in communications
and switch industries.
Selecting Compounds

Selecting the right compound for the application of the
part you need is very important. The wrong compound
could result in the failure of the part in a very critical

When selecting a compound, you will want to consider
the following:

  • Compatibility with the media to be sealed (oils,
    water, acids, minerals, etc.)
  • Temperature range to which the seal will be
  • General properties required to resist material
    degradation (Ozone)
  • Durometer (hardness) best fitting the application

Compatibility between fluid media and elastomeric
compounds is critical in every application. The selection
of base elastomers is already large enough to cover all
but the most exotic fluids or extreme temperatures and
pressures. Volume swell and physical property changes
after exposure are the usual criteria, with static seals
permitting greater latitude in property changes.

Chemically similar structures tend to dissolve mutually,
and are to be avoided in the selection of seal materials.
In many cases the seals must be compatible with several
fluids, and no single composition is ideal. This
necessitates selecting a material that adequately meets
the critical criteria of any application.

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