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Packing Seals & Engineering offers both standard & custom products that meet both Aerospace and MIL-Spec  requirements.  Contact Us to discuss YOUR needs.

+ MI/RFI Shielded & Thermal Management Solutions

To minimize internal interference and crosstalk, Packing Seals & Engineering offers EMI/RFI shielding and absorbers to protect from these errant electromagnetic waves. We welcome the opportunity to provide you with a quote!
Today's electronics can produce a lot of heat!  Manufactures must find ways to control the heat and minimize the effects it will have on their products.  Packing Seals & Engineering has the answer with our thermal management offering of materials.

+ EMI/RFI - Thermal Management Product Offerings:


CHO-Seal® EMI shielded elastomers are accessible for both military and commercial applications, but excel in aerospace applications. Specialty shielded conductive elastomers are also available for low closure force, waveguide, and corrosive environments.

Conductive seals are offered as extruded elastomers, and can be cut-to-length. They are available in many profiles including: Hollow or Solid ‘D’; Hollow or Solid ‘O’; Hollow ‘P’, rectangle, and many other shapes. Depending on width, they can also be ordered with pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSA) applied.

Co-extruded strips provide optimal EMI shielding, while providing corrosion protection. When conductive and non-conductive elastomers are vulcanized together, they create a technically superior design for aircraft doors, rack mounted cabinetry, military or commercial communications and other applications.

CHO-Lube E117
Parker Chomerics Premier
Premier PEI


Packing Seals & Engineering has provided sealing products and solutions since 1959. We realize that you have many options available for obtaining sealing products, but what matters most is that you find the right seal for YOUR needs. Why trust anyone else but the experts...

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